Example figures generated with NTAP

Visualize the histone modification level along the chromosome, Oligos on the tiling array were first mapped to the latest Arabidopsis genome and then the ratio of each oligo was plotted accorrding to the cooridnates on the chromsomes.

The result can also be visualized through the generic Genome Browser Gbrowse, you can find the Rice (Oryza sativa) histone and DNA methylation results here: http://plantgenomics.biology.yale.edu/ricegb-cgi/gbrowse/o_sativa .



HY5 prefer to bind onto the promoter regions. Plots are averaging for all the Arabidopsis genes with HY5 ChIP-chip data.

Lee J., He K. et al., The Plant Cell 2007, 19:731-749.(Link)


Distribution of H3K4Me3 type histone modification level within none-TE genes in heterochromatin (H) and euchromatin (E).

Comparison of the distribution of three epigenetic modifications within genes aligned at their translation start sites (ATG).

The distribution of DNA methylation level within various length of genes.

Li XY, Wang XF, He K et al., The Plant Cell 2008, 20:259-276 (Link)